Fire Fighters and Raspberry Pi, Oh My!


This year’s Startup Weekend Tulsa, will be the first one in the world to feature the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a new low cost credit card sized computer that is disrupting the computer world, inspiring developers and exciting entrepreneurs. With a cost of only $35 it is the perfect platform for development of Internet Appliances, Embedded Computers, and related products. There is strong evidence that the Raspberry Pi is quickly emerging as a gateway to entrepreneurship especially among software developers that are intrigued by the potential to build products that interface to the real world. Although the Raspberry Pi is a featured element, teams will not be required to use them and participants will, as always, be allowed to pitch any idea that they want.

This year Startup Weekend has also partnered with the City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Fire Department to invite Tulsa Fire Fighters. Fire Fighters are a unique and dedicated group of people with determination and a strong work ethic. In this light they are potentially great entrepreneurs. In addition the nature of their job dealing with difficult situations and highly technical equipment gives them great perspective on tools, technology and equipment that could help the fire fighting community or world in general.

The winning team from this year’s Startup Weekend Tulsa will go on to compete against 130 Teams in the Global Startup Battle. This opportunity gives a Tulsa team the chance to become the Global Startup Champion giving them and Tulsa unprecedented media exposure and access to the venture capital community.

All combined these new additions will make this year’s Startup Weekend Tulsa a once in a lifetime experience.