SWTulsa Success Story: Caleb Oller


Caleb Oller left Startup Weekend knowing that just because he’s 24, doesn’t mean he can’t try to start a business.

For young people, Startup Weekend is a huge confidence boost.
“It makes startup ideas feel more possible,” he said. “So, build stuff you’re passionate about, have fun doing it and something will happen.”
Caleb grew up in southeast Oklahoma in Wilburton, a town of about 3,000 people. He now works in Providence, Rhode Island, at a software engineering consulting firm.
Caleb wouldn’t be living 1,600 miles from home had he not attended Startup Weekend in Tulsa.
Startup Weekend got the ball rolling for Caleb. He was able to network with aspiring entrepreneurs and, through those connections, find out about opportunities like Betaspring, a 12-week startup accelerator program in Providence.
Caleb finished that program and is now in a great position to try for a second attempt with a startup business.
Caleb was the cofounder of a software development company that ended earlier this year when he and his business partner parted ways. Regardless, the experience was invaluable. And it taught him that it’s OK to fail.
“There shouldn’t be fear of failure,” he said. “If you’re scared of failure, you’ll be scared to go into Startup Weekend.”